About the Reviewer

My name is Robert J. Duperre, and I am a writer.  This sounds like the opening to a self-help program, I know.  However, sometimes it feels that way.  I have penned a series of four novels called The Rift, and am currently working on another two projects that might yet see the light of day.

While writing is my passion, reading feeds it in the same way oxygen feeds a fire.  I am an analytical reader - I can't help but break down the words on the page, search for hidden meanings, and analyze the quality of the writing presented.  This is why I decided to start reviewing in the first place.  It helps out the author (if the book is good, that is), and it also helps myself to figure out what I am doing right or wrong in my own work.

In other words, the Journal of Always is my side job, though one I take just as seriously as anything else, though I rarely have time to write them anymore.  Come on in and check out my reviews, but please don't try and submit a book.  I haven't accepted subs in quite some time, and I probably won't reply to any queries, since I rarely—if ever—check the blog email address.